Dezember 18, 2011


Star of Wonder Sufjan Stevens

November 11, 2011


Sufjan Stevens - I Want To Be Well

And shall I kiss you even as you take me that way?
With the pill or demon as my body changes
Apparitions gone awry
They surround me, all sides
From what am I seeing, only changes

~ I’m not fucking around ~

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Juli 8, 2011

Boy, we can do much more…

We can do much more…

We can do much more…


We can do much more together!

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Juli 8, 2011

Sufjan Stevens - Get Real, Get Right

Surely one of the most gifted artists of his generation. Seeing him and his band live on the Age of Adz tour in Berlin was a mindblowing experience.

Juli 2, 2011

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Mai 19, 2011
Too much LOVE!

Too much LOVE!

Januar 30, 2011


For the world is yours, world is yours

There are not enough words to express the beauty of Sufjan Stevens’ music.

Funny enough, everytime I try, I think of Mr. Darcy (in my personal favourite embodiment of Colin Firth) when he proposes to Lizzy (

"You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you.”

Well, Mr. Darcy fails the first time and rightly so. Love has always been a question of deeds rather than words.

Dezember 11, 2010

…I should not be so lost
But I’ve got nothing left to love
I walked, because you walked

Dezember 11, 2010